How to increase Restaurant Group Bookings over Christmas

With Christmas just a few months away, time is running out for restaurant to plan and prepare for the busiest period of the year. 

Ready to host family get-together, friends gathering and office parties?

Here are some profit-boosting tips to make the most of the festive season: 

Get your Group Menu ready

The sooner you prepare your Festive Menu/Menus the better is.

Most people are still enjoying the summer vibes; however, you certainly do not want to disappoint the ones who are already looking for the best options for their Christmas Party.

Make sure to upload the menu on your website, possibly on a dedicated page which also states group bookings terms and conditions. This will both benefit your SEO and save your time by anticipating customer questions.

Maximise your online visibility
Screenshot 2019-09-04 at 11.09.56

While the organic search is always the best way to be found, it takes time and a strong SEO strategy to get to the top of search engine results. 

For instance, Sartori Restaurant (see screenshot) is in the 7th position of the 1st Google page in the search “Group booking restaurant Leicester Square”, which is quite a good result.

If your restaurant is not quite there yet, then you may want to consider to invest in paid search to make your Group Menu stand out from the one of your competitors. 


Use an Enquiry Management System


When you overloaded with group dining requests, it can be hard to keep track of everything and you may end up losing bookings. 

Luckily, a bit of technology can make your life easier.

Using an Enquiry Management System will help you to optimise time and, therefore, convert more requests into bookings.

At booknbook, we’ve listened to restaurateur needs and built a software to Manage Enquiries Quickly and Efficiently.


What features make booknbook Enquiry a must-have solution?

Track the progress of Enquiries
Never miss a group booking again: monitor and record all actions and interactions against an enquiry

Optimise time
Upload all your features and conditions in advance and send a quotation in just a few clicks

Keep track of your Conversations in one place
Engage better with your customers and do not miss out new emails

Send Automated Follow-ups
Guests know their enquiry is being handled and are updated on the progress

Take Online Deposit Payments
Make it easy for customers to pay deposits and reduce no show

Increase Conversion Rate
As your efficiency and response rate improves, the possibility customers will eventually  book to your restaurant increase


Get in touch with us and learn more about booknbook-Enquiries!