How to keep track of guests in restaurants in Switzerland

Today’s society is facing a challenging time due to the spread of the new pandemic of the Covid-19.

This emergency has forced countries to adopt strict measures never seen before in order to prevent the spread of the virus.
It is everyone’s responsibility to take extra care and adopt precautions in order to stay safe and to keep the situation under control. One way of doing so is by identifying people that have been exposed to the virus.

Crowds are the main outbreak for Covid-19. For this reason, restaurants, pubs, and bars staff need to be very careful to ensure that guests are safe and taken care of.
In order to protect guests from the possibility of catching the virus, businesses, and organisations in the hospitality sector can keep track of customers that walk into the venue on a daily basis.
Recently the Swiss Government has put in a measure the use of the SwissCovid app and the Contact Tracing.

Due to the current situation and the measures adopted by the government, it is suggested that hospitality businesses will track guests to ensure their safety during and after their stay.

This is one of the reasons why booknbook has created a Track & Trace feature called Visit Safe which allows customers to register during their stay.

Customer’s data will be safely stored for 14 days only and then deleted from the database.
The data will only be kept only if the customer agrees to the restaurant, bar, or pub’s privacy policy which entitles the business to send customised offers and/or newsletters to the customer.

Our Visit Safe solution is a simple QR Code that guests will have to scan from their phones and simply register in a few clicks. It is a safe and non-invasive way of helping both guests and businesses.

Booknbook’s Visit Safe feature will then have a double function: prevent spreading the virus as well as being a marketing tool for businesses!

Read more about the Switzerland Contact Trace

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