How to start receiving Food Orders directly from your website

Over the past years, people tend to privilege more and more on the consumption of ready meals in their homes. It seems to be a  trend, especially among young people. Although there are many delivery platforms available on the market, just a few are offering a 100% White-Label system that includes different services.

Why booknbook is different?

Booknbook is offering an all-inclusive package that will transform your way of delivering food to clients.
Cut third-parties off and get yourself an efficient Delivery service platform but with a much smaller commission compared to others and also you will have more features!

It’s all about making your clients order from your website.
With your own website, clients have direct access to your restaurant online and this will help you to engage with your clients!
Providing you a client’s database will help you to learn more about your client’s preferences in ordering food delivery.
Then you will be able to tailor your marketing strategy and give to client better offers, suggestions, and alert messages to order more.

With booknbook, you will increase both customer loyalty and your turnover with more orders and higher frequency in orders coming in!


Save extra money and get extra features

Stop with the extra commission, with booknbook you will collect money directly to your Bank Account and in the meantime, you will increase your cash flow!  Our partner in this game is PaymentSense!

Orders made through your website need to be accepted first by the Restaurant and then we will pass it to our Delivery partners!
Our delivery partner’s mission is to be efficient in delivering the order to your client’s door.

For those who want to get a Click&Collect no problem!
Just with a few clicks on your Restaurant’s website, your clients will get their order when is ready to be collected without any queue.

We are committed to delivering technology, logistics, and marketing strategy.
Our mission is not just to be a White-Label delivery platform but is to help restaurants in building special relations with clients and to transmit their values using innovative technologies!

Just with one platform customers can make bookings, order online or make a Click&Collect!